Adoptive Cell Transfer Therapy – An Innovative Cancer Treatment

As the president and founder of American Life Fund Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia, Eugene E. Houchins III enables clients to cash in their life insurance policies to handle emergencies such as serious illnesses. As a professional interest, Eugene E. Houchins III keeps up with the latest cancer research.

New treatments are being explored for one type of cancer, melanoma (skin cancer). Selected patients are now benefiting from developments in immunotherapy, which can be used to turn the body’s natural defenses against cancer. One such method is adoptive cell transfer (ACT).

The ACT procedure begins when doctors remove a tissue sample from the melanoma, looking for a type of white cell known as a T-cell, which may be altered to increase its cancer-fighting ability. Doctors then allow the T-cells to multiply and inject them back into the patient’s system, often adding radiation or chemotherapy to enhance their chances of success.

In clinical trials, ACT has been given to persons who have advanced melanoma. Although the treatment has side effects, researchers are hoping that ACT will shrink cancerous cells, hinder their reproduction, and prevent them from spreading.

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