Two Categories of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

An established entrepreneur and financial professional in Georgia, Eugene E. Houchins III serves as the president of American Life Fund Corp. Eugene Houchins III oversees viatical settlements, which provide life-insurance policyholders with cash payouts that they can put toward living expenses, medical costs, or alternative or complementary treatments.

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) refers to products and practices that either supplement or offer an alternative to standard treatments and medical care. They fall into five categories, two of which comprise biofield therapy and mind-body therapies. Mind-body therapies help alleviate stress and relax the body. Yoga, meditation, hypnosis, and biofeedback represent a few such methods. These therapies incorporate breathing techniques, mental focus, and body movements to support relaxation. For example, yoga emphasizes attention to breathing while engaging in physical poses and stretches.

Biofield therapy, or energy medicine, attempts to foster wellness and healing by activating energy fields presumed by some practitioners to surround the body. When performing biofield therapy, the therapist places their hands in or through the patient’s biofield to stimulate a healing response. Types of energy medicine include Reiki and therapeutic touch. Reiki sometimes involve direct contact with the patient’s body, while therapeutic touch is restricted to movement over their energy fields.

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