Three Tips for New Little League Coaches

Leading American Life Fund Corp in Atlanta, Georgia, established businessman and entrepreneur Eugene E. Houchins III is focused on making sure those holding life insurances policies can have timely access to funds to pay for daily expenses and the treatment of serious illnesses. Outside of his professional interests, Eugene E. Houchins III is a college football fan and has coached young sports teams, including Little League.

Many sports organizations for young players rely on volunteers to serve as coaches for the teams. If you’re thinking of serving as a Little League coach for any sport, here are some quick tips to follow to make your first time easier.

1. Review your rulebook. No matter what sport you are coaching, there will be a rulebook available to you. You should not only review this before the season starts, but also during the season in order to stay fresh on the rules and regulations.

2. Work up some practice plans. This will help you to stay organized throughout the season and keep your team on track. Remember that Little League teams are focused on development, so you’ll need to organize your practices to teach the fundamentals of your sport.

3. Let the kids have fun. Little League is for the kids, and kids should enjoy their first experience with sports. Make sure that you work some fun into your practice sessions. You could try letting the kids end practice with a scrimmage or another fun, team-building exercise. Running practices with military precision likely won’t be successful when working with young kids, so keep the age level in mind.